Location and Transport

Ames lies in the heart of Central Iowa and is a good 30 miles away from Des Moines. While in the city, you have various modes of transport available to you. Have a look:


CyRide Ames

Many people in the town use this bus system. It is the result of a partnership between the Iowa State University, its Student Body Government as well as the City of Ames. This system operates along 13 routes. It has special considerations for persons living with disabilities as they can rely on the dial-a-ride feature. Also, if you plan on being out late at night, you can always catch the Moonlight Express.

You should note that the fixed route services, as well as those available to persons with disabilities, are available on all days save for Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving. The Moonlight Express is only available on Friday and Saturday nights. These are the nights when the school is in session. On other nights, you cannot rely on it.

Another interesting feature with the Cyride is that you can check on the bus’ arrival time using a phone app. You can track its movements and gauge when you should be at the stop to avoid missing a ride.

Price 4 Limo & Party Bus

This service is available to you if you wish to cruise along the streets in private vehicles. It works especially great for events when you want to arrive in style. You can also use their shuttle services such that you can enjoy your trip and not have to worry about missing the bus.

Catch a Coach

This company provides you with options based on your needs. For events, you can use the charter bus. If you are entertaining a small crowd, you can opt to use the minibus or the van. All the vehicles provide relaxed atmospheres, utmost comfort as well as features such as VHS video systems, full climate control and reclining seats among others

You can also opt to cycle in the streets as long as you pay attention to the rules in place.