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Both the men’s and women’s sports teams have what it takes to have you cheering your best team on as you chant and heap praises on the team members to help them win. Want to know what teams are battling it out this season? Have a look:

Iowa State Cyclones Men’s Basketball

Iowa State Cyclones Men’s Basketball

This team represents the ISU and has brought much joy to the campus since its inception. It competes in the Big 12 Conference of the NCAA Division 1. Steve Prom, who is currently in his fourth year at the institution, coaches the team. They play at the Hilton Coliseum which is on the campus.

The team is currently over a century old, having come to be back in 1907. From the time of its formation up to 1928, the team played in the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association. It managed to win some records but did not walk away with a championship. They then moved on to the Big Six Conference. As they made this change, they also adjusted the management, bringing in Louis Menze as the man coach. This move worked out for the team because, in the two decades that followed, they made their way to four championships in the conference. Menze later took up the position of athletic director in 1945 before resigning as coach two years later. He, however, held on to his role as director.

After Menze’s resignation, the team seemed to float in the conference for a while. However, this situation was not to last very long. In 1971, Maury John joined the team, and he led them to victory numerous times. He took a team that was a 5-21 and made it a 12-14 within a few years, before moving on to a 16-10.

ISU Cyclones Women’s Basketball Team

The women too have made quite a name for ISU thanks to their outstanding performances. They compete in the Big 12 Conference of the NCAA Division 1. Currently, the team is under the guidance of Bill Fennelly. Bill has been at the university for twenty-four years. The women play their games at the Hilton Coliseum where the men’s team also plays. This arena has a capacity of 14,356 people.

ISU Cyclones Women’s Basketball Team

Now, here are some astounding facts about this team. One, it is among the best women’s basketball teams, not only in Iowa but also in the country. Since its inception in 1966, it has lost one season. How amazing is that? During this time, it has bagged three conference titles and currently holds the best conference tournament record. Other than Oklahoma, no other team has made it to the championship games more than the Cyclones.

The team has made it to eleven NCAA tournaments. In these competitions, they have made it to the Sweet Sixteen five times and the Elite Eight twice. In addition to all these achievements, the team has also made it to the WNIT twice. When it comes to attendance rankings, the team has made it to the top ten in several occasions, including being the second in the 2012-2013 season. They have come quite a long way, from a time when women could only participate in intramural basketball to being one of the best teams in the country.

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Be sure to catch a game and enjoy how great these teams are. Go Cyclones!