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Ames-based Vertex Application set to create hundreds of jobs

Ames-based Vertex Application set to create hundreds of jobs

Good news to all job seekers in Ames! The Ames City Council voted to sponsor an Iowa Economic Development Authority application in March that will pave the way for 300 employment opportunities. It is doing so on behalf of an Ames-based software company, Vertex, where the council is seeking financial assistance for the same.

The company came to be in 2017, and it has a focus on cloud-based software products which allow users to share 3D data to devices securely. If the approval goes through, the company can set up a facility in the ISU Research Park and employ hundreds of people at a pay rate set at 120% when compared to the base rate that stands at $26.11 per hour.

Another Triumph for the Cyclones

Iowa State Women’s Basketball team has been making headlines for a long time, owing to the prowess of the members. The situation was no different when they battled Texas, emerging the winners with a 75-69 score during the Big 12 semifinals. The excitement was evident in the arena as the team geared up for its upcoming date with No. 1 Baylor.

Another Triumph for the Cyclones

The latter team is known for its 41 game winning streak that would otherwise scare off other teams, but not the Cyclones. Though they are sure to have their hands quite full at the tournament, they have taken another direction as to the preparations. Heeding to the advice of their coach, Bill Fennelly, the team members are instead focusing on enjoying the moment as opposed to directing their energy to what’s next. And there is beauty in that approach as what matters is not only the destination but also the journey to get there. Thus, as we anticipate the match, we too could borrow something small from their attitude and take in how far they have come.

School Orientation Underway

How often do you get the chance to have a sit-down with tutors regarding the direction of your child’s career? Well, Ames High School is providing a platform where both parents and students can engage with teachers as to which courses are the best for a given career path.

Principle Spence Evans announced the updates at school board session, stating that he wanted to create an environment where parents, students, and teachers could freely interact as they explored the various possibilities. The program is set to have many benefits. For one, parents will get a feel of what goes on in school and in so doing, they can make recommendations in areas which they think could do with some more work. Also, allowing the students to have a say in what they pursue makes them more interested in the classes, and it thus results in grades that could get them in good colleges.

The school has since sent out emails to parents, informing them of the orientation which will take part in 15-minute sessions. For four days, parents will have the chance to walk in and spend as much time as they want in the school as they tour the different departments. If you have ever wanted to see the school through your child’s eyes, this is the best time to do so, and it will be instrumental in helping you guide them in the right direction.

The Grey Elephant Closing Soon

Have you been to the Grey Elephant boutique? Well, going by what the owner, Tara Hannusch, has stated in the past few weeks, it seems that the elephant will not be in the town for much longer. The shop, located on 404 Main Street, is set to get closed in a few weeks.

Tara stated that she aimed to close the shop at the end of March. However, she was unsure if that would be possible as it would all depend on how fast she could move things out of the store. As things stand now, the closing might be in April. Tara insists that she does not have a plan as for when she will move out and prefers to let things play out, as she does in life.

Tara graduated high school from Boone and moved to Ames to set up residence back in the nineties. She started working at Lyla’s, and as the shop came to a close, she decided to buy it and later changed its name to the Grey Elephant.

Her reason for closing the shop stems from a decrease in sales in the past few months. Leaving is bitter-sweet for her. On the one hand, there are so many opportunities out there, and on the other, she will miss interacting with people on the level that she has had in the many years that she has been in the store. As for what plans she has for the future, Tara states that as long as she is working with people, she is happy, maintaining that she is not a desk-girl at heart. We wish her all the best!

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