Scenes from an Inauguration: The AP in D.C.
Gavin Aronsen’s photo essay pairs text with images to tell the multi-faceted story of Barack Obama’s inauguration on January 20.

The Fatuity of Hope
Ryan Gerdes crashes the Obama love-fest party by arguing that Obama’s record shows that he offers no “Hope” to progressives and no “Change” for Washington.
Whither Agriculture?: Vilsack, USDA and Future Challenges
Frederick Kirschenmann, distinguished fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, offers his views on — and advice for — incoming Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.
Virginity for Sale
Jenna Miller’s take on Natalie Dylan, a young woman who is auctioning off her virginity. Miller dismantles Dylan’s claim to be a “feminist” by showing how her act capitulates to our culture’s commodification of the female body.

Bush Flies Away
After Obama was inaugurated, George W. Bush boarded a helicopter and was flown out of Washington. Though Bush’s effects on the world will last longer than the man himself, Obama’s first actions have helped put the Bush era behind us.

The Death Sock
By Jordan Zantow

Under the Radar
Prosecuting the Bush Administration?
Greg Bonett lays out the case for holding Bush administration officials accountable for the U.S. torture program.

Of Local Importance
The Sewing Rebellion at the Ames Progressive Office
Kristin Roach introduces readers to The Sewing Rebellion, a nation-wide network of free sewing workshops that is held once a month at the Ames Progressive Office.

What We Have in Common
By Raul Flores, Jr.
let me tell you a cosmic joke
By Adam Gerard
Six in the Evening
By Aaron Weigert