The Democratic Wave in Iowa: Can Iowa’s Congressional Democrats Ride Barack Obama’s Coattails to Victory?
Gavin Aronsen draws on his interviews with candidates Becky Greenwald and Rob Hubler in his report on Iowa’s current political climate.
Rob Hubler: Could-Have-Been Rock Star Turned Congressional Candidate
By Gavin Aronsen

Midway (Part II)
The continuation of Colette Ryder-Hall’s evocative story about a young man named Red Brown who runs the House of Freaks at a traveling carnival. His girlfriend, Kate, is up to something strange, and maybe he is, too.

Ralph Nader
The third-party candidate sits down with Nate Logsdon and Mukund Premkumar to discuss America’s presence in Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, his health care proposals, the financial crisis and more crucial issues.
Bill Ayers (An Ames Progressive Classic)
Nick Lindsley conducted his interview with the education professor and former Weather Underground member in 2006, before Ayers’ passing acquaintance with Barack Obama became an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign. The wide-ranging and provocative interview ranges from the definition of “terrorism” to the ethics of violent protest to the social significance of a child’s education.

Growing Power: Community-Based Agriculture in an Urban Environment
Nitin Gadia reports on the techniques and ethos of Milwaukee’s visionary, non-profit urban farm, Growing Power.

John McCain’s Concession Speech
John McCain’s straight-talking, soul-searching apology to America.

Cannibalism on the South Seas
By Jordan Zantow

Movie Review
Nate Logsdon looks back at the Bush administration’s destructive path in his review of Oliver Stone’s new film.

Under the Radar
Voter Fraud in the 2008 Election
Kate Kennedy reports on the possibility of a flawed count in swing states on election day.

By Molly McDonald

A Great Love of Mine
By Raul Flores, Jr.