The Practice Space: A Retrospective
Cris Matibag reports on the history of the unique Ames music venue, which hosted its last show in July.

Midway (Part I)
Part I of Colette Ryder-Hall’s eerie new story about a young man named Red Brown who runs the Freak Show tent of a traveling carnival, where he is harassed by a enthusiastic insult clown. And is his girlfriend, Kate, cheating on him or is he just letting the insult clown get to him?

Letter to the Editor
Response to Ryan Gerdes’ Essay, “Competing Views of Media Bias in the Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Aviv Luban responds to an essay by Ryan Gerdes published in issue 2.6 of the Ames Progressive; his letter asserts, in refutation of Gerdes, that the media is biased against Israel, not Palestine, in coverage of the ongoing conflict.

John McCain Embraces Change (Of Personality)
In the past few weeks of the presidential campaign, a trend has emerged: Obama introduces themes and McCain awkwardly attempts to make them his own.

Music Review
On Vie et On Amie et On Croix
Kate Kennedy reviews the new album “Timelines and Tragedies” by the ambitious Omaha band Midwest Dilemma.

Under the Radar
Protests at the RNC
Gavin Aronsen and Nate Logsdon report on the police crackdown on protesters in St. Paul during the Republican National Convention.

By Dave De Fina

Bee/After Los Angeles
By Raul Flores, Jr.
The MeatTree
By Jon Gearino
Punish the Sidewalk
By Heather Knowles

The Back Page
Someday, You’ll Understand
Tessa Bean reflects on her experience as a child in a Pentecostal church.