Life in the Campo Is Amplified
Basil R. Mahayni files a report on the social and political circumstances in Bolivia, where he currently lives and works.

Interview with Becky Greenwald
Gavin Aronsen’s interview with the Democratic nominee for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District explores the candidate’s agricultural background, her history in Iowa politics and her positions on the most pressing issues of the present day, including health care, education and the war in Iraq.
Hey, Mr. DJ: A Conversation with Ames DJ Kinky Kyro
Denise Behrens talks to the DJ about his influences and aspirations.

Letter to the Editor
Tax Loophole Drains Iowa of Needed Funds
Susie Petra makes the case for ending “separate entity” filing.

Competing Views of Media Bias in the Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Ryan Gerdes issues a detailed response to a lecture delivered at Iowa State University by HonestReporting’s Gary Kenzer. Gerdes contests Kenzer’s claim that an anti-Israel bias permeates media coverage of the conflict and detects in Kenzer’s presentation the inverse of the bias of which the lecturer accused the media.
Notes from a Free Clinic
Kristen Kennedy responds to her work at a free clinic in Biloxi, Mississippi by asking “how much can we rely on free clinics to medicate and diagnose people in need?”
I Am a Recovering White Supremacist
Tom Vance delivers an introspective report on the White Privilege Conference in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The Two Poles of Bush’s Diplomatic Doctrine
The president’s Mideast tour in May gave him the opportunity to showcase his lackluster diplomatic techniques: tremendous loyalty toward “friends” and scowling silence toward “enemies”.

Concert Review
The Existential Buzz: Stuart Davis in Iowa City
Mike Earls takes the reader with him into The Mill, where the singer-songwriter Stuart Davis performed songs from his new record.

Sports or Something Like It
Fastbreakin’ to D.C.
Everett Fell, in his unique voice, tells the story of his travels from New York City to Washington, D.C. to watch the NBA playoff match between the Washington Wizards and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Under the Radar
A Conflict of Interest: Justice v. Money
Greg Bonett relates the story of the stalled lawsuit brought against corporations that collaborated with the apartheid-era South African government.

i clipped a random picture from an obituary and ate it and hoped i would give birth to the reincarnated body but i didn’t i just shit it out
By Dave De Fina
I have fallen to wishing you
By Wednesday Green
The Great Depression
By Stanley Bill Perdios

The Back Page
My Favorite Pair of Heels
Tessa Bean’s poetic reflection on her “two selves”: “Complex individuals that twist and grow together … like the tendons deep beneath my skin.”