Tortured Logic: Guantanamo Bay and the Law
Gavin Aronsen draws on his exclusive interview with former Gitmo lawyer and Ames native Tom Fleener to tell the story of the legal history of the use of torture at Guantanamo Bay and to consider what may become of Bush’s interrogation policy after the upcoming presidential election.
A Salad-Free Week of Veganism
Denise Behrens reflects on her week-long experiment with the vegan lifestyle, complicated by her determination not to revert to that old mainstay: salad.

A Quickie with Leonard Boswell
Congressman Leonard Boswell talks to Gavin Aronsen about his support for the Cheney impeachment bill.

Letter to the Editor
A Third-Party Conscience in a Two-Party World
Matt Bachman urges voters to follow their consciences and avoid the temptation to fall into the reductionist two-party political system.

Get Outta Here, Jesus, We’ve Got Dirty Work to Do: Bush Loses His Immortal Soul
Bush’s veto of a bill intended to prohibit the use of torture on detainees exposes the depths of his depravity.

Of Local Importance
A Moveable Living Room
Kate Kennedy reflects on the late jazz drummer Don Mumford and how his spirit has influenced the ethos of Ames music.
Yoga at ISU Comes into Its Prime
Nate Logsdon reports on the flourishing yoga program at ISU and considers the reasons for its renaissance.

Footprints on the Carpet
By Danielle Bartling

Sports or Something Like It
NBA: Wishful Thinking
Everett Fell reports on the NBA’s MVP race and captures the excitement of the league’s search for the next Jordan.

Under the Radar
Iraq in the First-Person: Winter Soldier 2008
A summary by Nate Logsdon, with many direct quotations, of the mid-March Winter Soldier hearings at which Iraq War veterans offered painful testimonies of the war as they experienced it on the ground.

I Want to Be Famous and Have No Friends
By Dave De Fina
A Suitcase Full of Empty Pages
By Dave De Fina
From Petty Hill
By Jonny Gearino
By Nate Logsdon
Start a War
By Michael David Martin

Interesting, Upsetting, Uplifting…
The Way We DON’T Eat