Ed Fallon for Congress?: The Evolution of a Grassroots Activist
Gavin Aronsen gives a personal account of Fallon’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign and draws on his exclusive interview with Fallon as the politician prepares for a leap from state to national politics in this story of idealism, the media, and the awakening of personal political consciousness.
Pole 101: A Night at Dangerous Curves
Denise Behrens takes the reader with her into the Ames bikini bar to meet the women who dance there and the men who watch them.

A Conversation with Selden Spencer
Gavin Aronsen talks to the doctor and one-time politician about his decision to not run for Congress again, his future role in Iowa politics and the Democratic Party’s weak spots around Story County.
Ed Fallon for Congress: The Interview (Online Exclusive)
By Gavin Aronsen

Letter to the Editor
Why Listen in When There’s Nothing to Hear?
By Matt Bachman

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Who Say, “Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”
The Progressive’s editorial staff responds to Bush’s final State of Union Address in no uncertain terms.

Industrial Trends
By Sadie and the Sue

Of Local Importance
The Ames Progressive Gets Serious, Gets Organized, Gets an Office, Makes an Offer
By Nate Logsdon

Public Remarks
The Late King and the Challenge of Economic Justice
In her MLK Day speech, Mary R. Sawyer presents an under-discussed aspect of King’s thought and goals: economic equality across racial boundaries.
Hearing King’s Call Today
Greg Bonett follows Professor Sawyer’s speech on MLK Day by discussing the role of nonviolent action in our violent world and posing the question, “What would King ask of us today?”

What I Did over Winter Break
Ricky Fields’ vivid and very funny testimony of his time in county jail, written during his brief incarceration there.

The Funeral for the Man Who Nobody Knew
“He had come into the world as a responsibility to everyone else. He had come into the world as weight and space.” For a man nobody knows, his death sure shakes people up. By Dave De Fina.

Sports or Something Like It
The Dynamic of One
Everett Fell considers how an extraordinary individual changes team play in basketball and why the same is not true of baseball or football. What might be the role of the extraordinary individual in today’s political world?

Under the Radar
Dennis Kucinich, You’re Uninvited
The unusual measures taken to exclude Dennis Kucinich from the Democratic presidential debates, as observed by Nate Logsdon.

By Tessa Bean
By Nate Logsdon

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