Why Won’t You Let Me Say What I Want to Say?: Second Tier Candidates in the Media
Gavin Aronsen takes the reader on a tour of the election year media circus and considers how non-celebrity candidates lose out when politics is entertainment.

A Conversation with Ned Lamont
Last year he nearly unseated Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut; now, in an candid and forceful interview, he talks to Gavin Aronsen about his endorsement of Chris Dodd, Dick Cheney’s effect on the Middle East and Joe Lieberman’s recent foreign policy.
Chris Dodd on the State of the Media (Online Exclusive)
By Gavin Aronsen

Letters to the Editor
Bucky, Not City, at Fault
By Holly Fuchs
Label Politics
By Nitin Gadia

Local anti-war activist Sue Dinsdale urges caucus-goers to channel the outrage they feel against the war into making an impact on January 3.

An Invitation from the Editors
Hitchens and the National Intelligence Estimate

Movie Review
“No Country for Old Men”
Quincy Miller gives his assessment of the Coen Brothers’ new film. Can the Coens preserve the complexity and ambiguity of their characters all the way to the end?

Sports or Something Like It
MLB: They Named Names
Everett Fell excoriates MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and finds historical parallels to the steroids scandal rocking the world of baseball

Under the Radar
Black Student Union Boycott in Iowa City
By Nate Logsdon

Communist in Red Lipstick
By Denise Behrens
To Call the Cadence
By Dave De Fina
The Path, the River and Where It Is Crossed
By Jon Gearino
By Nate Logsdon

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