Fairfield Artists Release Slew of New Videos and Material

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There has been a lot of activity coming out of the Fairfield scene in the past two weeks, adding to an already thick catalog of fascinating music and videos from a crew of artists largely associated with The Beauty Shop and the St. Mary’s Project.

First, there’s the new video from the pop duo Trouble Lights, directed by Geoff Boothby. Geoff also directed the first Trouble Lights video, for the single “Safe With Me,” as well as videos for Fairfield artists Little Ruckus and Eli Lieb. The video is for their new single “Ready” and is a more dance-oriented video than “Safe With Me,” which included a complex narrative. Portions of the “Ready” video were shot in Bangkok, where Geoff had traveled for his work as a videographer.

The producer of Trouble Lights is Philip Rabalais, an electronic artist associated with a number of Iowa bands. Among them is the pretty extraordinary duo Animal. The band rarely plays shows (because the singer Darla Murphy lives in France) but they released a brilliant album earlier this year called “Diatoms.” Earlier this week, Animal released a previously unreleased track that they recorded when they were making “Diatoms” but chose not to include on the record. It’s a hot beat, on a level with the work that made the cut for the album.

Philip also makes tracks under the name PhilipAlways. This week his work was featured on a new remix EP of the producer Djemba Djemba. The EP was released on Diplo’s label Mad Decent, which puts Philip in the company of some of the biggest contemporary DJs and electronic artists. Here’s the track:

Philip’s brother Dominic Rabalais, better known as the ever-illegal Little Ruckus, is staying as active as ever too, having put out two new music videos in the past two weeks. The first is a one shot, DIY-fabulous dance video recorded in one take and it features Slaydrien, the Sandwich Eating Crew moniker of Adrien Daller of Trouble Lights. (Full disclosure: Adrien is my partner. Slaydrien is too.)

The second new Little Ruckus video features verses from Sandwich Eating Crew stars Lane Weaver and Dakota Phannin. This is a pretty extraordinary video, simple yet very affecting. The image of Little Ruckus riding a bike in slow motion at the end of the video is iconic and is a motif you can also see in the wild video for “Stay Free.” Here’s the new video, for the song “#SHREDYRSELFCLEAN.”

Dominic is also a member of the incredible darkwave trio Surgery. The band recently re-recorded their entire album, due to the theft of Dominic’s computer, which also included a bunch of unreleased Little Ruckus material. But it seems that Surgery has received a boost of energy from the process and is nearing completion. All indications are that this will be a powerful record; check out this gutsy promo video they made for the album.

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