Protest-Bashing Branstad, Former Protester of Vietnam War Protesters

October 20th, 2011 · No Comments

On Tuesday, Under the Golden Dome unearthed a gem about Terry Branstad. Last week, our protest-bashing governor told Iowa Public Radio, responding to questions about the Occupy Des Moines demonstrators, that he had never participated in a protest himself because he was “too busy working on the farm” and “didn’t have time for that.”

Not so, UTGD revealed. The blog dug up a Des Moines Register article from November 1967, during the Vietnam era. Notice who the reporter interviewed:

In a hallway Friday, one of Wednesday’s counter demonstrators, Terry Branstad of Leland, encountered a demonstrator, Kathy Chimera of Sundusky, Ohio, who was wearing a button that said ‘Resist.’ He told her that the button made her a philosophical kin of Mississippi’s anti-integrationist Jim Clark, which started one of those wide-ranging college arguments that covers everything but US space policy with another demonstrator, Paul McMullin of Luther. ‘Why, why,’ sputtered the astounded Branstad at one point, ‘you’re attacking the federal government.’ ‘Well, well, of course, said McMullin, astonished at the astonishment and sputtering too.

I’m not sure what Branstad was getting at with the “philosophical kin” of an anti-integrationist remark, but he got his states mixed up. Jim Clark was the sheriff of Selma, Alabama.

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