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has an old dusty road for a voice that matches perfectly with his beat up Chevy which has survived the better part of the 20th century, and total submersion during both hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Isaac, who has just moved back to Ames after living in New Orleans brings back descriptions of the city. He sang us a song about lying in the house he was working on watching a candle and listening to the hollow city. Isaac moves from a whispery speaking voice to a wayward bluesy howl. He was accompanied by Jessica, didn’t catch her last name, who sang harmonies behind him. He ended his set with a Bosnian lullaby he had picked up while in Bosnia, part of the wandering that Isaac described in his songs. His album is available at the office for 5 clams.

JACOB TYLER WOLFGANG I met Jacob first in Des Moines when we played a show together at the Vaudeville Mews with a guy who played under the name Zephuros and only sang songs about animals. It was one of those shows when there is no one there but the performers and a sibling maybe, but those can be sweet experiences performing only for other musicians, and it was listening to Jacob and his wife Sarah who plays keyboards and sings behind him and hearing songs about loons and crows and cranes.
Jacob and Sarah live in Ankeny and drove up I-wintertime-35 to play on Tuesday. They brought with them an EP titled “bless our burning heart,” the name of the first track and most memorable song in which Sarah’s voice moves kite-like around the harmony line and behind Jacob’s chorus and finger-picked folk melody. Skillful strumming, sparse and sweet harmonies, and confessional lyrics kept our audience of about ’30s grateful applause and kept Isaac turning back to me between every song saying “they’re really good”. After a get set, they handed out the EP for free in an “Oprah moment.” It was funny.
His myspace page should definitely be checked out:

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