on tuesday the 29th you could hear:

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actually manage to quiet down a crowd of conversations when they sing duets. They sing a cover of Bonnie Prince Billy’s “Ain’t You Wealthy, Ain’t You Wise” that just aches. “Just Like a Woman” and “Fools Rush In” are also covered slower than the originals and featuring Tessa’s strong alto. Donny puts down light chords and adds his soft tenor to create the harmony that hushes people. This Tuesday they will be performing originals along with these tunes.
climbs all over the keyboard when she plays. Until last open mic, I’d only really heard her play on the piano at the Boheme which was so out of tune it made every song sound eerie. Being able to hear more of her lyrics and the songs on an instrument with faithful pitch is something I’m looking forward to doing again this Tuesday when she performs at the office. Holly forgive me, I don’t remember how to spell your last name. I just remember it sounds like Figero.

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